Wrap Maintenance


Liquid wrap is very low-maintenance there is no need to use products to improve durability.

However, it’s important to pay attention to keep your new peelable wrap in the best condition. After your car is wrapped with a liquid wrap, allow at least 1 week before you use a high-pressure sprayer. Within this time or even the next day, you can still wash it like you normally do with a soft mitt and use moderate pressure but try to stay at least 30 cm away.

Bird drops and fuel spills should be rinsed as soon as possible to avoid stains. The car will need to be kept clean and dust-free. A weekly wash or whenever it gets dirty, it's fine. 

Pay attention to door handles, front bonnet, bottom door sills, side skirts, and anywhere where friction is present. Remember, this is a peelable coating and is made to be peeled off when pulled and is basically doing what is supposed to do by design. If a mishap happens however you don't need to worry as in most cases it can be easily fixed without replacing the whole panel.