• The Wrap content below is Liquid Wrap similar to the Vinyl Wrap, Its sprayed on instead of layed. This process is similar to Painting the difference is it’s much quicker & cost efficient but still durable & removable as the common vinyl wrap.
  • Install starts at $1,000 for a full wrap.

  • Material Purchased separately below.

    Text (205-616-1921) With the following

  1. Your Name

  2. Year, Make, Model of vehicle

  3. Photos of vehicle

Basic Wraps

The most Simplest wrap colors

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  • Installation Info

    1. It is recommended our installer physically inspect your vehicle before making any purchase or ordering a product
    2. Price varies no two vehicles are the same.
    3. A quote will be valid for 2 weeks and will be given after we see the actual vehicle in person
    4. Full Exterior Color Changes Only, No Partial Wraps
    5. When you open the door you will see the original color…
    6. All exterior items & accessories need to be removed before your Install. Not responsible for damaged items upon removal 
  • How long does installation take?

    Installation may take anywhere from 1-3 days

  • ”Paint Condition”

    The current paint will not be sanded or altered in any ways. Any dints or imperfections, need to be fixed before scheduling your install. At your discretion. If your current paint is not up to par and only when requested by you, We will push away already peeling paint. Doing so will make the wrap adhere properly. But remember, if your clear coat is already Peeling, the Wrap will stick to the peeling paint but no guarantee that your clear isn’t going to continue peeling and peel the Wrap with it.

  • “ The Process”

    • Your car will be fully washed and degreased.
    • ​Your vehicle will be properly masked for overspray avoided color in unwanted areas.
    • No Sanding is Applied, the current paint condition of your vehicle is used for Pre Coating before The Color Coat is applied
    • Several layers of liquid wrap applied will provide strength and durability
    • Removal & disposal of masking & used materials.
    • Clean up, post Inspection, ready for pick up.